Staying Grounded in Tumultuous Times

There’s been many reasons for feeling very ungrounded lately. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tragedies, political upheaval… it can feel overwhelming when there seems to be so much we need to do to just keep our head and heart above water. The thing we often forget though, is that to really be of service to others, we need to keep the foundations of health strong in ourself so that we have fuel to work with. Here are 5 simple recommendations for staying grounded in tumultuous times, so that we can be effective forces for change and support.

  • Acupuncture treatment: Regular acupuncture treatments are an amazing way to stay grounded. Acupuncture helps reset our adrenal and metabolic systems so that we can stay calmer and heal faster. Many people get treatments as a “tune-up” to be sure that their body/mind/spirit keeps a nice homeostasis. While the results aren’t often as drastic and noticeable, preventative treatments really are the most effective treatments – instead of waiting for the panic attack to happen, come get acupuncture before the stressful week with all of the work deadlines and family obligations!
  • Rituals: Rituals help to create order amidst chaotic times. A ritual can be as simple as always making your bed in the morning, giving your partner a kiss before going to work, or drinking a cup of tea before going to bed. Oftentimes we have rituals that we don’t even realize. Reflect on your day and pick which rituals feel good and and which could be modified. The best rituals are simple, meaningful, and easy to maintain!
  • Grounding foods: Worry and stress can wreak havoc on our digestion. Given that our digestion is the root of so many functions in our body, it is so important to keep food the foundation of our health focus. Committing to eating (and savoring) a good, nourishing meal can shift a whole day or weak around! Some foods that are very grounding and especially supportive for this time of year as we move into autumn are:
    • any kind of squash!
    • root vegetables
    • apples and pears
    • bone broth
    • whole grains (steel cut oats, brown rice, quinoa, millet)
    • limit consumption of sugar and quick carbohydrates
  • Put your feet on the earth: It seems almost too simplistic, but putting your bare feet on the ground really helps in feeling grounded! There’s some research supporting this idea and even a whole earthing movement. If you think about it, it’s amazing how little our feet can actually touch the earth when we are wearing shoes and walking in a city most days. So while the weather is still warm, find a plot of land, kick off your shoes, and see how it feels!
  • Hugs: It’s easy to underestimate the importance of touch for staying grounded and feeling supported. Find a few people that you can hug regularly and seek them out! Scientific studies are showing that the more hugs you get, the happier your immune system is. A partner is a great person to linger for that one extra deep breath to really soak in the feeling… those are the hugs where the magic happens (happy hormones released, lower blood pressure, etc.)

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