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reconstruyendonos morelosWe are part of a community of parents from the Waldorf School of Cuernavaca, who in response to the earthquake of September 19th in Morelos, Mexico, organized ourselves to offer personal and direct help to families affected.Thanks to the independent and transparent nature of our effort, people and civic organizations alike have joined us in our initiative. We invite you to take part and support REBUILDING TOGETHER in Mexico.hueyapan children

Hueyapan is an indigenous Nahua community, at the base of the beloved Popocatepetl volcano in the Eastern part of Morelos, with a population of close to 6500 people dedicated primarily to agriculture and the weaving of textiles

Here, and in the small neighboring pueblos, at the epicenter of the earthquake, is where for the moment, we are concentrating our energy, love,  and support. Just three days after the earthquake, we had established two base camps in Hueyapan and over the last two weeks we have cleared the rubble from over 40 houses of the more than 135 houses that were damaged or completely destroyed in the earthquake. We have channeled 50 tons of material support – in the form of water, household supplies and building materials – to Hueyapan and the other communities where our parents are volunteering. In Jojutla, a town that was devastated by the earthquake, a dedicated group of parents have set up community kitchens and are working with the local business people to begin to clear roads and jumpstart the local economy.

hueyapan man with tentRight now, the focus is on rebuilding sustainable, ecologically minded homes for those who have been displaced. Though many have focused on delivering material supplies, it has become clear that money donations at this point are the most helpful as it allows those on site, the chance to purchase exactly what is needed, and support local businesses in the process.

This has been life shattering experience for many, but in turn, the country has risen to the challenge, as has our community and network of friends. We feel it is our responsibility to lift up our neighbors, as much as we feel it is a gift to be able to do so. Recontruyendonos HueyapanSolidarity is a natural response, and a beautiful one.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for taking part. Any and all donations make a difference.


The Karitas Foundation is helping us to receive funds from people and organizations in the US and offer tax deductible receipts.

You can make a contribution via Paypal at:

comunidad waldorfBe sure to reference REBUILDING TOGETHER – Waldorf Community of Cuernavaca

Or make a bank transfer to:

Janney Montgomery Scott LLC

Bank: TD Bank

Address: 1900 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA

ABA/Routing Number: 036001808

Account number: 36400389

Reference: REBUILDING TOGETHER – Waldorf Community of Cuernavaca

Once you make a donation, please send an email to with your name, address, amount donated and date of donation, so a tax deductible receipt can be prepared.

We and the communities of Mexico thank you for your support.

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