First appointment

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There is a one-time registration/evaluation fee of $25 with your first visit (paid at the time of your first session)

Acupuncture treatments last an average of 45-60 min and the cost is $100,  for those unable to pay the full amount we offer a sliding scale between $50-$100 per treatment.

In conjunction with acupuncture, you may also choose to receive some manual medicine techniques – such as cupping or guasha for a flat fee of $75.  For these you may need to partially disrobe (to your confort) your back or shoulders.

*Please note our policy includes a fee of $50 for missed appointments and for less than 24 hours notice of appointment cancellation- THANK YOU!

*IMPORTANT Please make sure you have eaten something the day of your acupuncture visit; wear loose clothing or bring a change of clothes.

Rest and hydrate well after your acupuncture session.

1627 Connecticut Ave NW #1  (second floor)

Washington, DC 20009

call/text (202) 300 8428