Chinese Medicine Course in Cuernavaca

Our most recent intensive 40 hr course about Chinese medicine in Cuernavaca Mexico was lots of fun and a great success! We learned about the law of the 5 elements and the theory of yin yang applied to acupuncture – enlightening and inspiring.
We explored the foundations of the Earth School, a commonly used set of protocols at CAC. This system states that all healing processes can be enhanced by strengthening our digestion and calming the mind.
We practiced Qi Gong under the gentle morning sun while tracing the trajectories of the acupuncture meridians.
We learned about essential oils and basic dietary principles within Chinese medicine, applied Cups to each other and also learned to do Guasha.
We enjoyed the Tepoztlan market and hiked to the Pyramid on top of the mount. We had lot of fun exotic, authentic Mexican food and made good friends.
The group was very eclectic and diverse: a few patients from CAC in DC and Mexico interested in leaning more about Chinese medicine, a couple of MD’s from US and Mexico, a psychologist from France, and a couple of massage therapists.
We realize this info is so rich and empowering, that people from different paths of life could make the best of it and put to use to best suite their interests – from self healing to considering learning new healing skills, or simply to meditate and contemplate the beauty of this medicine.
Everyone is invited to join in for upcoming courses this spring, summer and fall!
Email us, and we’ll keep you in the loop as details arise…

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