Blood houses the spirit, acupuncture frees it

Memories constantly circulate through our bodies. All experiences we have in life are written in our blood and move along our blood vessels and meridians. Acupuncture Theory says ” blood houses the spirit”. Every single thing you’ve seen, heard, felt, eaten, thought, done, not done or undone has affected and shaped your life and the life of others. Some of these memories come from our ancestors, some will go to our predecessors. We transform these experiences into new memories as we live our lives.
We can actually change the past by creating a different relationship to it, by remembering it differently, or letting go of it. Often acupuncturists will want to let a drop of blood out of an acupuncture point or channel (blood-let) in order to clear some stagnant blood -clean filters from harsh experiences so to speak, to allow you to physically let go of some of those old moments that may be slowing you down in your process of evolution and transformation.
Feel free to move on Acupuncture!

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