Yin and Yang medicine

The notion of balance and harmony in Chinese medicine is symbolized by the image of Yin and Yang in constant transformation. Here is an acupuncturist’s analogy of Yin and Yang: Body and Substance are Yin, while Mind and Spirit are Yang. Now take a candle – if we were candles, the wax and wick would be our bodies – our Yin energy, and the warmth and the light – our Yang energy. Life is about transformation and commitment to light up purpose with our actions and relationships. Acupuncture is Yin & Yang medicine- take care and let it shine!

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2 comments on “Yin and Yang medicine
  1. Jaly says:

    I am a serious Tinnitus sfeefrur and I have been looking for a treatment for a few months now.I have tried 3 ENT specialist but to no avail. All scans came back negative and I do not have a hearing loss either.So, I google and google and I found your website. Some of the symptoms you describe with regard to kidney -chi, matches my symptoms. I urinate frequently when my lower back aches (both sides), the ringing is more intense at night, I use to have excessive sex life. I live in South East Asia and I’m wondering if you have any associates that you can recommend in Asia? Oregon its just too far and costly for me to seek treatment there Help pls?

    • City Acupuncture Circle says:

      Jaly, I don’t know of any community acupuncturists in SoEa Asia- but I think you should be able to find Chinese medicine over there- It sounds like you may have depleted you Kidney Yin energy in the past- hard to say with out meeting you in person! / the best way to support your kidneys is with diet and herbs, and energetic and breathing exercises such as chi kong or tai chi chuan. Acupuncture can help with the tinnitus, but you’ll need to make some adjustments in diet and life style / usually sea food and sea weeds strengthen the water element (kidneys) also lot of seeds (black sesame seed especially), and good quality of water intake- keep you lower back cover from cold and wind. Hoping this help.. Best luck!

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