Services & Rates


The community acupuncture session 

is offered on massage tables in an open consult area with other patients resting during their acupuncture treatment. Everyone is laying down clothed and quiet.

In conjunction with acupuncture, you may also choose to receive some manual medicine techniques – such as cupping or guasha for a flat fee of $50.  For these you may need to partially disrobe (to your confort) your back or shoulders.

You’ll spend a total of about 10min with your acupuncturist and then rest with your acupuncture needles for another while. These sessions last an average of 35min-45min up to 1 hr.


sliding scale from $20 to $50– you pay whatever you can.

*there is a $20 no-show or same day cancellation fee.

Note there is a one-time registration fee of $15 for new patients.

The constitutional acupuncture session 

(with JoseLo Gutierrez, M.Ac) are designed to be more personalized and comprehensive, and will include acupuncture protocols that deal with congenital or genetic issues, chronic and stubborn conditions, and in some cases, a more esoteric and shamanic approach to Chinese medicine. For those who are interested, there will be an opportunity to use substance medicine in the form of customized essential oil blends and/or gem stone elixirs, and perhaps some body work to address chronic pain issues.

This sessions are offered in our semi-private stations and are 1 hour long.

Payment is a flat fee of $60 per session

*there is a $50 no-show or same day cancellation fee.

You’ll be able to schedule these sessions on-line.   

Make sure you select the CONSTITUTIONAL TREATMENT, and not the regular sliding scale community acupuncture session.

In the heart of Dupont circle
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